History of United

In 2009 United was just an idea 3 EMTs had while working for other companies.  Fred, Kaleb, and I all enjoyed our work and coworkers. But day after day thought there has to be a more efficient way to do this without sacrificing quality care.  So we set out to create something different.  A positive environment for EMTs and Patients.  

Fred  enlisted into The Army straight out of High School.  After completing his service he went to UC were he received his degree in economics, opened a business and started a family before deciding to become an EMT.  

Joe started a family right out of High School and spent the next decade in sales and management before deciding to become a Firefighter/EMT

Kaleb started a family right after High School and was a mechanic before deciding to become a Firefighter/Paramedic


United Ambulance,LLC opened for business on September 20,2010. On the first day Fred and I did 1 dialysis transport for a total of 2 runs that day.  I thought we were in trouble.  Thanks to Freds business history he reassured me and said tomorrows another day, lets go home.   Luckily on day 2 we had 4 runs.   Business was booming!

We spent everyday trying to build something we could be proud of.  We couldn't do every run, but we wanted to set a standard that everyone else would be compared to.  

The first 4 years we spent finding EMTs that understood the goals and  principles we were founded on.  Treat every patient like they are a family member, honesty and hard work.

During those first few years we discovered some exceptional EMTs.  Each year Fred,Kaleb and I spend less time on the ambulances to handle growing amounts of office work.  United would not be what it is today without our exceptional team. We would like to thank a few specific people for of all there hard work setting an example and training all our new team members.  Without them we would not be who we are today.

"The three of us started something special but it is the hard work of everyone on the team, especially these individuals who's strong work ethic and commitment has made United what it is today".     -Joe Davis

Special Thanks for over 5 years of Service

Brittney Johnson

EMT/Station Manager

Christopher Baillie

Paramedic/ALS Manager

Philip Connell

EMT/Training Manager

Adam Gillie

EMT/All Around Great Guy